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We have partnered with a Certified Reflexologist to offer reflexology treatments.
Reflexology is a non-invasive holistic practice that has evolved from the knowledge of ancient civilizations in Egypt, India, China and North and South America. It activates the body's natural abilities to heal and helps keep the body in balance by restoring the body back into its harmonic state. The practice of reflexology divides the body into reflex zones on feet, hands and ears, which correspond to every organ and process in the body. Those zones are manually stimulated with massage.
Reflexology improves blood circulation and nerve function. Promoting overall relaxation, it also ameliorates headaches.
Reflexology helps the body cleanse of accumulated toxins and boosts energy level.

Your Appointment

Each appointment is 60 minutes long.

The initial appointment will also include a consultation where you will be asked about your medical history, health issues, lifestyle and diet.

Then you will soak your feet for a few minutes in a calming Epsom salts solution, after which the reflexology treatment will be started, a safe and pleasurable therapy applied to the feet without negative side effect.

Fee per session: $60